Sending transactions

To send QARKS to a user you only need their address, the 20-byte hash of their account that looks like this: 0x4d8c7689176e6c26a2f84e9f6fec8a197bf5ecff

From the CLI wallet use the send command to send your QARKs:

send 0.000001 0x4d8c7689176e6c26a2f84e9f6fec8a197bf5ecff

As a result you'll get the transaction's hash which you can keep track of in a blockchain explorer.

In contrast with ethereum and other account-based models, as public keys of the signature algorithm used in QAN cannot be extracted with a method like ECRECOVER, transaction/account nonces are handled slightly differently.

A non-existing account (in the ledger) indicates this address has not participated in a transaction from either side. An account with a 0 nonce means it has no outgoing transactions but have received QARKS. Every account with a 0 nonce has to make it's first outgoing transaction by appending it's signing public key to the transaction which serves as an introduction. Every forthcoming transaction of this account will be validated with this public key later on. Any transaction with a nonce larger than 1 that has no stored public key on a node is discraded on that node locally.