Network types

QAN supports two overlay messaging and consensus models. PoA environments (commonly used in enterprise) to maximize TPS at the cost of censorship resistance and PoR for an unbiased public network which has slower transaction finalty.

The PoA layer is a coordinated and a synchronized protocol backed up by NATS. In the "private network" mode, qand starts the NATS binary and connects to it's RPC to form a cluster. This cluster will be the home of your private network peers who communicate in a synchronized manner. Note that synch network communication doesn't scale well so the promised tens of thousands of TPS drastically drops when reaching thousands of nodes in a cluster.

To build a "private" PoA network binary make sure the appropriate [[bin]] is uncommented in daemon/Cargo.toml:

name = "qand-poa"
path = "src/"

By default cargo build will build only the PoR (public network) and the CLI wallet.

Note that quantum-resistant features are only available for the PoA setting upon request.