Getting started

Using docker-compose

If you received an invitation key for our closed beta, here are the steps to fire up your node and blockchain explorer with compose. If not, get your access key here

Then head over to our GitHub repo and clone it.

git clone ""

Then cd into the cloned repo directory:

cd privnet

Then simply issue this command WITH YOUR access token you obtained from us: (the one in the command won't work, it's for demonstrating purposes only):

bash deploy compose "192A4209-F2CC-4F81-9F17-E8C4FBC89D74"

Wait for a few seconds for the explorer to migrate, and check http://localhost:8080.

The explorer-frontend is behind a secure nginx proxy with modsec and fail2ban configured so you can safely deploy it to www.

Interacting with the CLI wallet

You can interact with the built-in CLI wallet by entering the docker environment as follows:

docker exec -it "qan_node_1" /usr/bin/wallet_cli/wallet_cli

Enter wallet path

The wallet will ask for a wallet file path. There is a test wallet already available for testing, simply enter testwallet and hit return.

Enter wallet password

The wallet will ask for the wallet password. The password for the testwallet is empty, so simply hit return.

Verify wallet address

To make sure that everything went well, type print_address, hit return and you should see 52c4ba9a2237cc9e03192cd448e8e5e9a17211dd printed to the console.