Linode Cloud

To deploy to the Linode Cloud provider, all you need is a Linode access key with proper permissions. After generating above said access key, you just need to run our deployer container which will walk you through all steps required.

Obtaining access token

  1. Log in to the Linode Cloud portal
  2. Navigate to the API Tokens section in your profile
  3. Add a new access token:
    • The "Label" can be anything you prefer
    • The "Linodes" permission is required in "Read & Write" mode (screenshot below)
  4. Click "Create Token"
  5. Copy the token which is shown in the pop-up modal window to your clipboard

Correct token permissions screenshot

Running the deployer

All it takes is a simple docker run ! It will drop you in an interactive session, where you will only need to enter your Linode Cloud access token you obtained in the previous step. The deployer script will select the proper hardware for you, install all required dependencies and scaffold a fully featured private network on your server.

Command to run:

docker run --rm -it qanplatform/deploy:v1-1-1

Put in your access token when asked, sit back, have a coffee and ready you go in 10 minutes!